Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Detroit Black Music Awards 2013

With Joe Billingslea
Ortheia Barnes with Myself
The stage at the Detroit Black Music Awards
 This past Sunday, I had the honor of being invited to the Detroit Black Music Awards, a 5 year old award show that parallels the Detroit Music Awards, but honoring the best of the Detroit African-American music scene. While at the awards, I was able to meet with Kim Weston ('It Takes Two' - Duet with Marvin Gaye on Motown Records), Ortheia Barnes (Member of Cut Glass and Detroit legend), and Joe Billingslea (One of two surviving members of The Contours). Overall, it was a very amazing experience, partly because I had the ability to meet some of the greatest Motown and local stars, but mostly because I was able to experience the great music that was offered that evening. While the DBMA's are a relatively new event, it had all the charm of an event twice it's age. The show felt right at home at Bert's Warehouse Theater, with wonderful decor and an inviting atmosphere. Among those taking home awards were Nick Speed and Brian Williams, who were well deserving, and who took home awards at the previous awards show. Everyone at the show was warm and inviting, and I look forward to attending next year's event, as I urge you to go.